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Our Promise to “Build Africa”

Since inception, Chemaf’s leadership motto has been to “Build Africa”. We have incorporated a sustainable development mindset as a key aspect of our organisational culture, encouraging all employees to think about our people and environment first. As demonstrated in our various community projects, we prioritise health, education, employment, and personal development for all stakeholders.



The accelerating transition to low carbon technologies to combat climate change is exponentially increasing the demand for strategic minerals such as copper and cobalt. A viable low carbon future can only be achieved through more sustainable approaches to mining, which is why we are actively reducing our environmental footprint through:

  • Capacity building & training
  • Environmental risk management systems
  • Adhering to international standards and best practice (OECD, ISO, IFC, UNSDG)
  • Increasing our use of renewable energy, with hydroelectric schemes already supplying the majority of our current power usage.
  • Continuously working to further reduce our carbon footprint


Chemaf believes in contributing to the prosperity of the DRC by providing meaningful employment opportunities and investing in local community projects. Our approach to maintaining our social license to operate is based on facilitating social impact projects that empower local communities to create sustainable legacies for future generations.

In 2022, we signed a Community Development Plan (CDP) with four local communities. Under the terms of this CDP, Chemaf will invest US$6.5M over 4 years to empower and uplift these communities.



Corporate Governance

Chemaf is committed to building an organisation based on robust and stringent corporate governance. This will help us to build the trust, transparency and accountability necessary for fostering long-term growth and value creation for all our stakeholders.

Chemaf’s corporate governance framework is strategically integrated into our board and management structures, as well as our health & safety, auditing, and compliance policies and procedures. Our financial and commercial partners value our transparency and our commitment to continuously improving our ESG scorecard.

We systematically identify, assess and mitigate health & safety and environmental risks, and build capacity to ensure our people understand their operational risk management responsibilities.

Our assurance processes test the suitability, design and effectiveness of our controls and alignment with the UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), International Finance Corporation (IFC) standards, Equator Principles and International Organisation of Standardization (ISO) Performance Expectations.

We have also adopted policies such as the Anti-Bribery Policy, Gift Policy and the OECD guidelines for Supply Chain Due Diligence, Anti-Child Labour Policy, and Conflict Mineral Policy to ensure Chemaf and its employees uphold the highest standards of governance.

Due diligence is driven by Chemaf’s leadership and senior management, and implemented by management teams responsible for overseeing all aspects of our activities. We remain committed to developing a resilient and responsible business by working with our upstream and downstream partners, regulators, the DRC Government and NGOs to ensure that our social and environmental impacts are managed in ways that create transformative opportunities for local communities.

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