Introducing Chemaf

The worldwide battery revolution is being fuelled by cobalt. What once was a little known mineral is now in greater demand than ever.

Chemaf is perfectly positioned to meet that demand – safely and responsibly. Established in 2001, and with a considerable asset base in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), we are specialists in mineral exploration, mining and processing. We produce London Metal Exchange (LME) grade cobalt and copper cathode. With one of the largest and most promising exploration portfolios in the region, Chemaf is investing in its people and its operating capacity to meet the needs of the future.

Our mission

Converting copper and cobalt into a source of national pride and development.

Our commitment to safeguarding our employees, contractors and those impacted by our operations is critical to maintaining our licence to operate and ensuring that our business can continue to thrive. Not only is this the right approach – it is also the most sustainable approach. With heightened global demand for cobalt has come an amplified level of stakeholder interest and scrutiny in production methods. And for good reason – people must always come first. Our partners are able to purchase material confident of both provenance, but also of high-quality working standards and conditions. Our investments in state of the art in-house mineral processing are in line with the Government’s long-term ambitions of wealth retention. In collaboration with our downstream partners, we are bringing responsibly sourced cobalt and copper to international markets.

We have structured our approach to ensure that the value that we derive from mining and processing is ploughed back into the local economy. We are offering opportunities to some of the DRC’s brightest minds, and we are also giving back through a considerable philanthropic programme – to schools, hospitals and infrastructure projects. The DRC holds an estimated 10 percent of the world’s copper and 60 percent of its cobalt. We are committed to Chemaf playing a transformative role in converting the country’s precious natural assets into a source of national pride and development.

Our assets

Chemaf has a strong track record of investing, developing and optimising its asset base of highly productive mines and processing units.

With demand for electric vehicles set to rise exponentially in the coming years Chemaf has an important role to play in providing the market with high-quality, responsibly sourced material.

Scarce Metal

As electric car production takes off, cobalt supplies are projected to fall short of demand.

The copper grade at our mines, typically of 1.88 percent, compares favourably to the global average of 0.70 percent. The resource wealth we mine has enabled us to accelerate copper cathode and cobalt production in line with customer demand.

Chemaf annual output

Our track record of investment


Leadership and governance

Chemaf S.P.R.L. (“Chemaf” – Chemicals Africa) is a Congolese registered company, founded in 2001 by
Shiraz Virji, Chairman of the Shalina Group. Chemaf is a subsidiary of Shalina Resources Ltd., a privately owned company that is wholly owned by the Shalina Group, registered in Dubai (

Shiraz Virji

Chairman of Chemaf

After having learnt the trade from his father, Mr. Virji began a successful career as an exporter of spices and timber from Mombasa, Kenya.

In 1971 he moved to London and opened a wholesale warehouse in Willesden, UK. In 1981 Shiraz travelled back to India where he started a pharmaceutical business and began exporting generic medicines to Zaire, now the DRC. He conceived the Shalina brand incorporating over one hundred pharmaceutical products that are now marketed in multiple sub-Saharan African countries under Shalina Healthcare Ltd. In 2001 Mr. Virji acquired several mining concessions in the DRC and built Chemaf’s first processing facilities. He is based in the DRC, and spearheads Chemaf’s growth strategy.

Sebastien Ansel

Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer

Sebastien Ansel graduated from Dijon University, France in 1996 with an MA in Finance. He started his career at Ernst and Young in Luxembourg where he was employed as an auditor.

In 1997 Mr. Ansel moved to the Whitehall Hedge Fund in Paris working as Portfolio Manager specialising in French Private Real Estate. From 2000 to 2008 he held a position as Multi Fund Manager at the Russell Investment Group concentrating on European Equities. In 2008, Mr. Ansel was appointed as Chief Financial Officer for Chemaf.

Ghislain Yumba

Chemaf General Manager, Mining

Ghislain Yumba, Chemaf’s Business Development Manager, graduated from Lubumbashi University with a degree in mining engineering.

He is a qualified mining engineer with considerable experience working in the DRC Copper Belt. He has held a number of technical and supervisory positions at mines in the DRC for Gecamines. Mr. Yumba joined Chemaf in 2003 as Head of Mining Operations. In 2008 he was appointed to the position of Etoile mine, General Manager before being appointed to the positon of General Manager for all of Chemaf’s mining activities in the DRC.

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